We Tried It: Dry Salt Therapy
Oasis Day Spa

Salt is often seen as the enemy. Ask any doctor and they will go on and on about how too much salt intake can lead to hypertension and a ton of other health ailments. While there’s not denying to potentially harmful effects of too much salt, there’s also a slew of good for you uses for salt, especially when it come to beauty—like indulging in a body massage in a salt covered room. Wait, what? Sounds crazy, right? My thought exactly when I received an email about Oasis Day Spa’s new Crystal Salt Massage.

Oasis partnered with Breathe Easy to use Dry Pink Himalayan salt to cover the floor of the treatment rooms. The idea is to mimic salt caves, which have for centuries been used for various health benefits. As your tense muscles are massaged away, you inhale the salt. Aside from being completely relaxed and refreshed, I immediately noticed that my breathing was different. It almost felt as if my whole respiratory system had been cleansed.

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For the 24 hours following my treatment, my nose felt like it was in detox mode. Not the prettiest picture, I know. I typically gargle with salt water at the first signs of a cold. This felt like I’d literally flushed my whole respiratory system with a saltwater gargle. And, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’d experienced this treatment at the start of cold and flu season. So if any germs were threatening to ruin my week, dry salt therapy knocked them out.

If you’re in New York, head to Oasis Day Spa and experience it for yourself. The massage runs between $170-$180 and last an hour.