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We Tried It: Why I Drank Charcoal Infused Water For Six Days Straight

And why you should too!
We Tried It: Why I Drank Charcoal Infused Water For Six Days Straight
Dirty Lemonade

It’s safe to say that most people avoid drinking anything that has “dirty” in the title, but when you combine two of my favorite things: charcoal and lemons, it’s tough for me to resist.  If you’re a fan of somewhat bitter elixirs, but you aren’t so great at maintaining a detox regimen, then Dirty Lemon Detox may be right up your ally. 

To be clear, the detox is much more of a charcoal lemonade than anything else. Dirty Lemon Detox is a cold pressed mixture of fresh lemon juice, ginger and organic dandelion root and active charcoal with a reverse osmosis water base (that’s a fancy way of saying pure, artisan water.) No additives and no sugar. It’s not magic– you won’t feel like a whole new woman at the end of the week, but you will feel refreshed, less sluggish, and your skin may be a little brighter. 

While it’s not secret that lemons may be the ultimate beauty fruit, offering everything from anti-aging properties found in vitamin C to mental clarity and a boost in your immune system, charcoal is the real gem in this citrusy concotion. Known for its absorption properties, active charcoal is used in the medical community as an alternative to stomach pumping in cases of alcohol poisoning. It has become increasingly prevalent in the beautysphere—and my bathroom vanity— making an appearance in everything from detox teas and beauty waters, to face masks and body wash. So while it may seem out of the ordinary to drink lemon water that is black in color, it isn’t that unusual.


The subtle sweetness of ginger paired with the tartness of lemon make the drink supremely refreshing. There is a subtle graininess from the charcoal, which texturally, compares to cinnamon. In fact, what seemed to throw my co-worker off the most when I offered her a glass, was the black coloring of the drink (caused by the charcoal), not the charcoal itself. The added perk is that this detox does not require you to alter your diet at all, it’s merely an refreshing addition to your meal plan.  

If detoxing is your thing and you’re dying to try the latest, you can order your first week supply set of 6 from dirtylemon.com for $65. A little pricey, but perhaps you can put your juiceing binge aside for a week to try something new.