5 Spring Beauty Upgrades To Refresh Your Fresh

There’s something about spring that just encourages you to get your affairs in order. Those shoes that have been piling up by your back door suddenly find a home on that fabulous new shoe rack that you just bought. That parsley plant that you forgot to water all winter (RIP fair herbal friend) finally gets laid to rest in your compost. Spring cleaning is definitely a ‘thing,’ so why not spring clean your beauty routine, too? Of course, it’s always wise to go through your makeup kit and throw away anything that’s past its prime, but here are a few celebrity esthetician approved tips for living your best beaut life this spring, courtesy of Katherin Goldman, owner of the Stript Wax Bar in California.

Are You Keeping Your Beauty Products Too Long?

Get waxed. Chances are you’ve let the hair down there (and everywhere else) get a little wild during the winter months. No judgment– I definitely don’t wax my legs until that first or second week of spring. Head to your local wax salon and treat your legs and lady bits to a full-on wax session. If your guy is hairy, consider suggesting that he gets a ‘brozilian,’ the masculine version of every girl’s favorite South American wax.

Get a facial. Rejuvenate old skin and boost cell turn over. Slough off dead skin below the belt with a ‘vajacial’ to smooth skin and treat any issues of hyperpigmentation or in grown hairs that occur as a result of shaving.

Get some color. Even melanin-rich girls need a little color. After three or four months of brutal New York winter weather, my milk chocolaty skin always looks a little pale and lack luster. To boost my bronze, I like to warm my skin up with a little bronzer and sometimes even a little tanner to recapture my bronze-y brown. Before your judge, yes, Black girls can use self tanner, too. It gives our skin a little bronze-y glow without the risk of sun damage. Find out how I use tanner in the summer in my article, “We Tried It: Spray Tanning.”

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We Tried It: Spray Tanning

Start detoxing. Beauty starts from the inside. A great way to boost your glow and recharge your beauty batteries is by eating plenty of colorful leafy vegetables, drinking lots of water and fresh, sugar-free smoothies, and taking vitamins daily. I went vegan for the month of February and my skin is proof of how a diet change can upgrade your skincare. Learn more about the benefits of going vegan in my story “Vegan 30: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Giving Up Meat and Dairy

Start sweating. Working out shouldn’t be a stressful activity. In fact, unless you’re strong willed, it’s likely that you won’t keep up your workout regimen unless you actually enjoy it. Find a buddy, a class or workout plan, or a hot trainer that you like and break a sweat this spring. Exercise is a good way to help the body eliminate toxins and it also releases endorphins which help boost your mood. 

De-stress regularly. Go outside, take a walk, grab some froyo or listen to your favorite tune. Stress shows up on your face and can make your muscles feel super tense. Find your happy place and tap into it often to maintaining positive vibes throughout the season that can carry you into next winter and beyond. 

What do you do to boost your spring beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments below!