Tip Tuesday: 3 Things To Remember About Skin Care In Your Late 20s

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Cleanse. Exfoliate. Protect. 

Nikki Brown Feb, 28, 2017

Thanks to genetics and a penchant for hoarding products, my skin never went through an awkward teenage phase filled with breakouts or dehabiliating acne. However, that all changed after my 27th birthday.

Suddenly, parts of my face were lighter than the other and pimples were popping up in the worst places…like the tip of my nose (awkward!). No matter the circumstances, it’s almost guaranteed that all of us will start to experience adult acne in our late 20s.

So, I’ve consulted with celebrity beauty and skin expert Carrie LaMarca to help us make sense of it all. Her passion for clean beauty and products that use the best of nature’s ingredients have made her the go-to guru after working with celebs like Chrissy Teigen, so take notes! 

Expect Change

Sad, but true news: everything slows down as you get older. Hangovers linger, post-workout soreness lasts for days and yes, your skin doesn’t recover like it used to. Hello, fine lines! 

“Your skin is still at its peak in your mid-twenties, but one main difference is that the rejuvenation process is slower when you turn 25,” says LaMarca. “Essentially, this means that dead skin cells build up, which cause your skin to lose some of its elasticity and glow. Your oil glands are still in check, but combined with hormonal changes and the occasional late night (i.e. too many cocktails), you may also be dealing with some acne that you thought you left behind in your teens.”

It’s Never Too Early

Adult acne is certain for most, but that doesn’t mean you should take it lying down. Start practicing some sort of anti-aging routine before fine lines and wrinkles start settling in. That’s the point of it all! 

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“Because you don’t have much repair and damage control to take on in your twenties, this is the time to become aware of your skin’s type and needs, build skincare habits and lasting routines,” adds LaMarca. “How well you take care of your skin in your 20’s directly impacts the aging process in your 30’s.

Three Steps To Great Skin

Before educating yourself on eye creams, retinols and other concentrated formulas, get comfortable with a simple three step routine that will set you on the path to skin greatness: cleanse, exfoliate and protect. 

See LaMarca’s product recommendation for each step below:

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"You should already be washing your face morning and night (and not just with face wipes!), but if you’re not, now is the time to learn that habit!," suggests LaMarca. "Makeup, dirt and pollutants collect on your skin daily and it’s imperative to rid your skin of these impurities to prevent breakouts, enlarged pores and premature wrinkles. You want to choose a cleanser that effectively cleans your skin, without stripping it. The Tree Hut Skin Purifying Cleansing Gel is gentle and moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling clean but not dried out."

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"This step is often overlooked, but very important," she adds. "You want to stimulate your skin to promote new cells and blood flow and also remove dead skin cells to ensure that you keep that glow! Since your skin is still young in your 20’s, you’ll want to use a gentle exfoliator so you don't irritate it. Tree Hut’s Polishing Face Scrub hits the mark for this. It’s super gentle and has Aloe and Coconut Oil in it to alleviate any irritation."

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"Daily UV protection (even on a cloudy day) will go a LONG way for your anti- aging efforts. Sun exposure is the biggest factor in premature skin aging. Tree Hut Skin Protecting Daily Moisturizer (SPF 30) will give the most bang for your buck," LaMarca says. "It’s a clean daily moisturizer that leaves out any skin irritants and also protects from the sun with SPF 30. One of my favorite tricks is to mix my liquid foundation with this moisturizer. It cuts down your foundation so it’s not too heavy and it saves you one more step…anything for a couple of extra minutes in the morning!"

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