Should You Be Oiling Your Pubic Hair?

If you’re like me, then the arrival of summer is marked by your first June wax session. After all, more sun generally means more skin too, right? Now, if you aren’t a fan of Brazilians and you’re more of a bush babe (more power to you!) this new pubic oil called Fur might be your lady bits’ new best friend. 

If you’re wondering why you need such an oil it’s simple: softer hair and skin, clearer pores and fewer ingrown hairs (yes, please!) The oil is packed all of the TLC ingredients that you use on your scalp: conditioning grape seed and jojoba oil, antimicrobial tea tree oil and clary sage seed oil which helps soothe and reduce inflammation and makes your skin healthier over time. 

Curious how it works? The super luxe bottle has a dropper, which comes in handy during application so you won’t contaminate the product during use. Use the dropper to applyl and massage the oil into the hair and skin after showering and allow it to dry. I tried the product at work and cocktailed it with Fur Stubble Cream ($32, at It’s lightweight and super moisturizing, but I will say that I overcompensated when using the oil—a little goes a long way. Two or three drops should do the trick. 

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So whether you’re going bare or rocking a bush, a little skin therapy (regardless of where it is on your body) is always a good thing!



A photo posted by Fur (@fur_you) on Jan 4, 2016 at 9:42am PST