MIT Scientists Have Developed a ‘Second Skin’ Cream With Amazing Beauty Benefits

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been hard a work develop a material that can serve as a second skin.

The product is called XPL, and while that may not sound very exciting, the potential benefit and uses for it are endless; particularly when it comes to anti-aging and women of color. The two-step product is virtually undetectable and has the potential to smooth wrinkles in minutes (yea, we’re psyched about that too!)

In 2009, Essence conducted a Smart Beauty research study that found that African American Women spend 7.5 billion annually on beauty product and a whopping 80% more on cosmetics and skin care products than the general market. Black women take beauty seriously, and though we genetically show more delayed signs of aging than women of other races, we still have to put in the work (read: money and time) to age well.  

Think about the last time you or your child got a cut that required a bandage; there are a number of products on the market like Band-Aid that aid in healing minor cuts and wounds, but they still have quite a ways to go when it comes to catering to skin of color—as we know, all nudes are not created equal. This new development is virtually undetectable and also has the potential to serve as a skin protectant and a vehicle to deliver medication and treatment to target areas of the skin that may suffer with eczema or other kinds of dermatitis. If dry skin has never been an issue for you, then perhaps the anti-aging benefits of this XPL second skin technology will reel you in.



The two-step product consists of polymer gel and a catalyst cream that when cocktailed together form a 24-hour protective layer on the skin that is waterproof, long wearing, breathable and totally invisible — capable of lifting sagging skin around the eyes, tightening wrinkles and protecting skin. The technology is essentially a facelift cream.

MIT has not released any information regarding when the product is set to launch on the market, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that is comes wiht an affordable price tag. Either way, whether you’re worried about wrinkles or trying to hide bags under your eyes, any product that is safe for skin and promises to make you look younger is worth celebrating. 


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