Sake Might Be the Answer to Smooth Skin

If your Open Table reservation history is basically a digital directly of every Hibachi-style restaurant in your area, then it’s likely that sake is not something foreign to you. Native to Japan, the drink is a dinner staple made from rice wine. Unbeknownst to most American’s who are fans of the drink, sake also has tons of anti-aging benefits for skin.

In an article with FAB Beauty, Jasmin Blossom of Zooming Japan, revealed that the time tested beauty secret was discovered serendipitously. “Sake brewers had wrinkles on their faces, but super smooth, youthful hands; that’s how they discovered the benefits,” she states.

Your Morning Skin Care Could Use Some Holiday Bubbly

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Asia is and has been a hub for skincare innovation (think: Korean Beauty), so this skin find shouldn’t come as a surprise. Turns out, the kojic acid in sake is good for brightening skin and targeting areas of hyper pigmentation. So those darker areas of the face (around the nose and mouth) or past acne scars could benefit from sake by passing a sake-soaked cotton swab over them on a nightly basis.

The drink can also be used as a toner, but because it’s such a powerful brightening agent, we don’t recommend it as it may lead to undesirable results. Don’t have any sake sitting in your home bar? Champagne works just as well, and it’s gentle enough to be used as a toner.