Sake Isn’t Just for Drinking, It Might Just be The Secret to Looking Forever Young
Antonello Trio

Black women are blessed with skin that has a natural SPF of 14 (Thanks, melanin)! We also have natural oil production and a genetic construct that allows us to have plump, wrinkle-free skin well past the age of 60. And, while Japanese women may not share our genetic makeup, they are also famous for aging beautifully and the secret is in their diet and their skin care.

Boscia, one of our favorite Japanese beauty brands, recently launched a line of culturally inspired skincare ingredients that are literally good enough to eat—or drink! Here are three of the main ingredients from the products that will keep your skin in tip-top shape. 


Sake: Favored as the national beverage of Japan, sake is a rice wine that also has incredible benefits for skin — like hydrating, brightening and evening skin tone. Unfiltered sake contains unfermented rice particles that are great for providing gentle exfoliation to smooth skin. To incorporate it into your skin care, try soaking a cotton ball with sake and applying it to your face like a toner. If you have sensitive skin, dilute it with water first.
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Wakame or Sea Kelp: A staple in sushi, the Japanese often eat sea kelp crumbled over dishes as a salt condiment. When it is not being snacked on, however, the super food is really great for replenishing collagen and restoring firmness. 

Licorice Root: Japanese women take skin care seriously, so issues with hyper pigment must be kept at bay. To treat dark spots, under eye circles and brighten their skin, licorice root is their go-to. To incorporate it into your skincare, try a serum or cream with licorice root in it like Boscia’s Sake Balm ($46, at