The Only Mask You’ll Need This Spring

Here in the ESSENCE beauty department we take skin care very seriously So, when a product launches that mixes skincare with all of our favorite smoothie ingredients we take it very seriously. Origins new Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask with Green Tea, Spirulina and Spinach is the ultimate facial smoothie chock-full of vitamins and skin loving ingredients like minerals, antioxidants and hydrating cleansers like coconut and kaolin clay. Obviously, coconut oil is super hydrating, but the true star ingredient in this mask is the kaolin clay that acts as a detoxifyer, removing dead skin cells and increases cell turn over to reveal softer more radiant skin. 

For lazy girls who hate those masks that should only be applied to clean skin, this was formula was designed with you in mind. Forget about washing your face before hand; just apply a thin layer to you skin and let the foam work its’ magic to detoxify skin and unclog pores. To use a cleanser, simple apply to wet skin, rub in circular motions and rinse. Don’t forget to finish your skin routine with a moisturizer and an SPF!

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