With vacation season approaching, we’ll certain to be racking up those frequent flyer miles in no time. And, though we all love—and need— a good getaway every now and then, all of that traveling puts a lot of stress on our skin. From the dry air on planes to extreme sun exposure, our skin can really take a beating.

And no one understands the plight of dry skin like celebrities who practically live in frequent flyer lounges. Supermodel Chrissy Teigan gave us a glimpse of her skincare secret to combat dry, chapped skin while on the go. Two words: sheet masks.

So, being the beauty enthusiast that I am, I gave it a try during my flight from New York to Los Angeles and by the time I stepped off of the plane, my skin was glowing (literally). The flight attendant even complimented my skin.

If you’re a big stickler on etiquette, then masking in public may not be for you, but for long flights or even quick 2 hour trips, the extra boost of hydration can do wonders for your skin. 

Combat dry skin by masking in a plane ✈️ #BeautyEditorsBeLike

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To avoid looking like you just got off of a 5-hour flight, sheet masks are a-must. I love the selections from Purlisse, 7 Wonders, and Sephora. You can tuck them in your purse and because they’re sealed and lightweight, they won’t give you any trouble passing through TSA. I like to apply the mask twenty minutes befor we de-plane to let the moisturizing effects work their magic. After 20 minutes, I remove the mask and massage any excess into my skin (no rinsing needed.) If I’m feeling particularly dry, I’ll finish with a quick spritz of my favorite facial essence, MIYU Beauty Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence Mini ($15, at miyubeauty.com).

For more targeted—and less obvious— skincare, you can also try eye masks, if you’re worried about terrifying your seatmate or that dapper gentleman across the aisle.

Check out the gallery above for all the goodies you should grab before boarding your next flight. 

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