The Best Beauty Trend That Dominated New York Fashion Week
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It’s no secret that the healthier the skin, the better one’s makeup will look. This New York Fashion Week, more beauty teams truly took this to heart, commissioning the expertise of top skincare brands to elevate their makeup looks.

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The result: perfectly radiant skin moved to the forefront as the hottest beauty trend of the week. Skincare is about to be the new makeup.

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While Joanna Vargas was in Los Angeles prepping celebrity clientele such as Tessa Thompson for the Oscars and corresponding events, her master aestheticians were carrying on her work at New York Fashion Week. At Rebecca Minkoff, it was all about hydrating the skin before applying makeup. Master aesthetician Stella Lisi started with a vitamin C wash, followed up with a sheet mask that’s perfect for those who travel often, and finished by massaging skin with a rejuvenating serum and a peptide-rich revitalizing eye cream.

“Clean your face every day, once a week exfoliate, and use at least one serum in the winter,” she said. “For big events, use a sheet mask to lift and hydrate the skin. If you have an amazing base your makeup will look great.”

Self-Portrait’s beauty look also focused on natural healthy skin. While a handful of models had pops of bright color around the eyes, Black models’ melanin seemed to be the focus of their look, undisturbed by an abundance of color cosmetics.

“This is our fourth season working with Skin Inc for beauty, and we’re more focused on clean, glowing skin than ever,” said Self-Portrait creator Han Chong. “Once again, our take on modern beauty is skin-first for a natural, confident look that complements the effortless feel of the entire Self-Portrait collection.”

The effortless and polished look was achieved with an exfoliating peel, a hydrating mask for moisture, a hyaluronic serum for glow, and finished off with brightening eye cream.

Skincare brand LINNÉ Botanicals prepped skin for the Alejandra Alonso Rojas show. The vision for the look was to “provide a canvas for NARS cosmetics and to create a flawless, radiant look that would help to further communicate the effortless luxury of Alejandra Alonso Rojas.”

Models appeared to have a glow that was radiating from the inside out as they walked down the runway. This was achieved using a suite of products from the REFRESH, RENEW, REPAIR, BALANCE and SMOOTH collections.

Shop products from the shows in the gallery below to get your model-like glow on well after fashion week has ended.

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