This New Acne Gel Shrinks Zits in Just 4 Hours

This article originally appeared on InStyle

Some things are worth waiting for, but that’s not generally how we feel about making zits disappear. When we put spot treatment on a particularly inflamed and irritated pimple, we want it to shrink fast. In an ideal and unrealistic world (unless science is keeping secrets), we would want clear skin in a matter of minutes, but we usually settle for an overnight result. But Murad is taking the waiting game to an entirely new level—one we can get behind—because the brand’s new spot treatment works to drastically improve the appearance of blemishes in just four hours.

For anyone trying to get rid of a zit, the time stamp associated with the Murad Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment ($22; is obviously the most appealing factor. At least, that’s what we freaked out over.

“We created this product to address acne concerns quickly and effectively,” explained dermatologist and brand founder Dr. Howard Murad. “We know that when you’re suffering from a breakout, you want it gone FAST. That’s why we developed this powerful, next-generation formula to our award-winning Acne Control collection.”

The invisible gel formula allows you to apply it during the day (i.e. when a rando zit crops up at 3 PM) or at night, and it’s packed with acne-fighting ingredients like 2% of salicylic acid to detox the pores, along with oat extract to soothe the irritated area and reduce redness, and even witch hazel as an astringent.

According to Dr. Murad, in a study conducted by the brand, 97 percent of the consumers saw an improvement in the appearance of the breakout in a day, but it takes as little as four hours to really start working.

One InStyle beauty editor, who was already a fan of the line’s Acne collection prior, tested it on a small red zit in-between her eyebrows. She applied the product around 7 AM after cleansing and checked back in around 2 PM and noticed it had taken a rosy tint and the vivid redness had faded. Maybe Murad really is on to something.