Jodie Turner-Smith Has A New Mom Skin Care Hack
Dave Benett/Getty Images

As former ESSENCE cover star Jodie-Turner Smith settles into motherhood, she’s learning a thing or two about the unexpected beauty benefits.

Last month she gave birth to a baby girl with husband and actor Joshua Jackson. Soon after, she posted a cute selfie to her Instagram stories joking that “Mum = Milk factory till further notice.”

This month, according to MadameNoire, she’s discovering new skin care hacks and unique uses for that milk.

“Any new mothers get breakouts postpartum? I’ve been getting so many spots lately (hormones?) But I put breast milk on them last night and today my skin looks much better,” the actress wrote alongside a makeup-free selfie in an Instagram story, according to MadameNoire.

It’s no surprise that the nutrient-rich milk would be great for the skin. According to NIH, breast milk contains elements that protect babies from infection and inflammation, so it’s understandable that it might have healing properties for adults.

“Breast milk has a host of nutrients and minerals, vitamins A, D, E, and K, and also has bacterial fighting agents,” says Niseekah Yehudah, a licensed pediatric nurse and breastfeeding peer counselor in New York. “I’ve heard that if you dab it on your face and let it air-dry, it can help fight acne, but I think that is a case-by-case issue. It may work for some and not others, depending on the severity of the acne.”

You probably shouldn’t go around asking breastfeeding moms for their milk to clear up your breakouts. But if you have access (perhaps your own), it might be worth giving a try.

Just weeks before giving birth, Turner-Smith posted a breathtaking photo by Frankie Mark that captured a moment in her pregnancy journey. Alongside the photo she wrote, “moth·er/ˈməT͟Hər/ : a fantastic voyage that begins in wonder and transformation. I will never forget how this felt and now won’t soon forget how it looked.”

From where we’re watching, it looks incredible.

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