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Feel Good, Look Good, Smell Good!

Feel Good, Look Good, Smell Good!

Every woman wants gorgeous, glowing skin, right? Absolutely—but it can
mean more to Black women. The ritual of moisturizing your skin is one that
is passed down generation to generation among Black women – who doesn’t remember their mom lotioning them up as a kid? We want to enhance our skin’s natural melanin and create an illuminating radiance that comes from having deeply hydrated, smooth skin. Oh yeah, and we want to smell amazing too!

Well, now we can get it all courtesy of Jergens Deep Conditioning Shea
+ Cocoa Butter Blend
and Jergens Melanin Glow Illuminating Moisturizer Keep reading to learn how you can enhance your own unique beauty with this new collection from Jergens, powered by Shea.

Feel Good, Look Good, Smell Good!

Better Together
We all know it, some things are just better together—like peanut butter and
jelly or Shea and cocoa butters! Dryness tends to be more visible on
melanin-rich skin and can lead to uneven skin tone and texture over time,
which is why using the best moisturizing products is so important. Jergens
Deep Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend
gives you an intense,
deep hydration, and can refine and even your skin tone and texture over
time. Your skin will shine all day with a gorgeous, moisturized afterglow,
and in just four weeks, it looks more even toned too.

Feel Good, Look Good, Smell Good!

Glow Getters
Once you’re all moisturized and even-toned, you can accentuate your
natural, melanin-rich skin tone no matter the hue even further with Jergens
Melanin Glow Illuminating Moisturizer.
Nourishing ingredients like
naturally derived Shea and cocoa butters melt into the skin to provide long-lasting moisture and a boost of radiance. Choose either the Gold or Bronze Luminizer, to glisten and glow with a healthy-looking shimmer that highlights the beautiful spectrum of tones in your skin— leaving you feeling flawless from morning to night.

So get ready to really love your skin courtesy of Jergens—check out
Jergens® to learn more.