To get acquainted with the best skin care products in the game, one could easily scroll through Felicia Walker’s Instagram. Revered as a beauty authority and Editor in Chief of ThisThatBeauty, the blog that’s equivalent to a best friend who always knows where to find the latest products, Walker knows how to create an arsenal for great skin. And while it’s tempting to try all the beauty products she raves about–you may want to skip ahead to the exact products she uses to get her youthful complexion (because who doesn’t want the secret to anti-aging?).

We caught up with the beauty expert at Essence’s very first Beauty Carnival held in New York City over the weekend and found out which products she uses to keep her skin looking forever young. Ahead, see the products the beauty maven suggests for cleansing, treating, moisturizing, protecting, and troubleshooting your skin in your 20s, 30s, and beyond.