Cosmeceuticals 101: Three Things Every Girl Should Know
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It’s not uncommon to walk into a store and feel overwhelmed by the amount of skin care products, especially when they promise seemingly impossible results. And thanks to scientific research, the tiers of options have expanded to include cosmeceuticals; products that use medicinal ingredients to improve the skin’s overall health and appearance.

This month, our Essence BeautyBox subscribers are getting a crash course in beauty biology with the Biossance Revitalizer. This body, hair and face moisturizer isn’t just a prime find for transitional weather. It goes beyond those buzz words you typically see (“anti-aging” and “reduces the appearance of”) by providing the must haves you should expect in a science-based product. Prepare for your sexiest springtime skin by getting familiar with this 3-step checklist for your medicinal-based go to’s.

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Step 1: Clear and Accurate Research. In an era where consumers have ample access to where and how their products are created, it’s easy for “science” brands to catch the collective side eye. This is because sometimes, the results don’t actually reflect the price point or brand story. Before buying a luxe skincare product, you should be able see at least a summary of research that identifies the following: whether they’ve been tested for safety and if they contain active ingredients. The more active the ingredient, the more likely it is to affect some bodily processes. For instance, the Biossance brand is rooted in research that lead to anti-malarial treatments. From there, scientists were able to develop plant-derived squalane, the core ingredient of the revitalizer.

Step 2: Nutrient-Based Ingredients. Speaking of squalane, your science-based goodies should always include an ingredient that delivers nutrients both under and over your skin. If the packaging lists a bunch of words that you can barely pronounce, chances are the listed benefits are mostly generalized and not the real deal. Again, what makes the Biossance Revitalizer so great is that its only ingredient is a concentrated amount of squalane derived from sugarcane plants. This is a natural hydrating oil already produced by our bodies. Because those levels reduce as we get older, this product literally “revitalizes” that process and locks in moisture simultaneously.

Step 3: A Price That Makes Sense. Once you’ve checked for accurate research and real ingredients, double check that the price doesn’t supersede them. Most science-based products tend to be on the luxe end because of the amount of research and unique ingredients required to make them. However, if you find yourself weary of the backstory, don’t be afraid to reconsider. Luckily, brands like Biossance are not only truthful toward the consumer; their prices are manageable as well. The Revitalizer is specifically gratifying because a little goes a long way.

If you snagged a sample from our March BeautyBox, let us know your thoughts! And tell us what your favorite cosmeceutical product is, too.