10 Under $15 Hand Creams That Make Ashy Skin Feel Like Butter

Our hands do all the dirty work and as a result, we wash them frequently. Unfortunately, this leaves us with scaly skin that chaps and causes severe discomfort. To save your palms from the trauma, the solution is simple: keep a hand cream handy.  These deskside skin savers are not only affordable; they'll also soothe and smooth distressed skin in seconds.

Jennifer Ford Aug, 09, 2017

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This powerful balm is inspired by ancient Japanese beauty rituals and utilizes rice plant essence to deliver suppleness to dehydrated hands.

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Remedy dry and chapped hands with the ultra-nourishing ingredients found in this fast absorbing hand cream. Enriched with hydrating shea butter and almond oil, it’s the perfect solution for restoring skin’s elasticity and smoothness.

available at Sephora $15 Buy Here

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This hand cream activates the senses with its seductive scent and natural extracts that leave hands feeling soft and silky.

available at Sephora $10 Buy Here

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We love mixing oils and creams together to lock in moisture, which is why this super-hydrating formula ranks high on our list of favorites. Not only is it formulated with shea butter, it's also infused with 100 percent pure argan oil that will leave your hands feeling softer than butter.

available at Sephora $12 Buy Here

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Comprised of bees wax and aloe, this cream will have your hands feeling soft and smelling even better.

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If you like to work with your hands, then you'll want to keep this staple handy to reduce your chances of getting calluses. This hand healer delivers nourishing ingredients that work from the inside out to soothe your hands and keep them from chapping.

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You won't have to worry about reapplying this hand cream throughout the day. The mixture of shea butter and vitamin E keeps moisture locked in for 24 hours.

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Your hands are a telltale sign of aging and daily sun exposure speeds up the process. Luckily, you can protect them from damaging UVA rays when you apply this SPF 40 formula. 

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This cream smells and feels insanely good. It's lightly fragranced and includes restorative ingredients that reverse dullness and discomfort, all while leaving your hands and cuticles softer than a baby's bottom. 

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This formula includes shea butter, one of our favorite nourishing ingredients for keeping dry skin at bay.

available at Sephora $12 Buy Here