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5 Unexpected Beauty Hacks Straight From Beyonce's Makeup Artist

Here's how you can have that Beyoncé glow too.
5 Unexpected Beauty Hacks Straight From Beyonce’s Makeup Artist

If you’re like us, when Beyoncé revealed her Ivy Park line of athleticwear you caught yourself drooling and wondering how she does it. Teach us your ways, glamorous sensei! But clothing line and perfect curves aside,  Beyoncé’s beauty looks also have the power to brings us to our knees.

In a recent interview with Brydie, Queen Bey’s makeup artist, Sir John, dished on a few tried-and-true skin and beauty hacks that keep the superstar looking flawless. There are definitely some tips will surprise you and other will simply serve as proof that Sir John is the MacGyver of the beauty world. Wait until you hear his genius tip using Rogaine! Check out all the hacks below…

1. Use your contour stick as a lipstick 

As the 90’s lip trend makes a comeback, brown lipstick is in demand more than ever. However, Black girls everywhere know that finding the perfect “nude” lip is tricky. Sir John recommends that you multi-purpose your contour shade (or foundation) and apply it to your lips for your perfect shade of brown. Personally, I love Kat Von D’s Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer in Deep ($25, at sephora.com) as a CC and a lippie. 

2. Add honey to your skincare

Honey is a natural antibacterial and it’s packed with skin-conditioning ingredients that soothe, moisturize and revive dull and irritated skin. Sir John likes to use a mixture of  honey and brown sugar as an exfoliant to soften chapped lips, as well as rough skin on elbows and knees. We love this Manuka Doctor 24+ Bio Active Manuka Honey ($16.50, at manukadoctor.com)

3. Use Rogaine to thicken sparse brows

Yes, you read that correctly. Got a botched brow job? According to Sir John, Rogaine foam helps to grow back your brows in a as little as four weeks. Wow! Rogaine Unscented Foam (@29.99, at rogaine.com)

4. DIY your blotting papers

Blotting papers cost an average of $12 a pack— even more if you decide to get fancy. Swap out your blotting paper for cigarette rolling papers instead. Or you can just use a tiny square from a toilet seat cover—it works just as well, and it’s half the price or free (thank you, public restrooms!) They end up in the trash anyway, right?

5. Try soaking in milk

Cleopatra was famous for her milk baths, and Sir John swears by them too. Adding powdered milk to a warm bath will soothe and condition your skin, making it baby soft. For the ultimate skin treatment, the famed makeup artist likes to “mix the powdered milk with water to form a paste-like substanse, press [it] into skin, leave on until dry and then rinse it off.” We adore Hoosier Hil Fram Premium Whole Powdered Milk ($13.86, at walmart.com)