This 3-Minute Trick Could Give You Glowing Skin
Alessandro Zeno

We all want it: that dewy, fresh, effortless model glow that only seems to be a reality for pre-pubescent girls and Photoshopped beauty ads. Women storm Ulta and Sephora aisles on a weekly basis searching for that miracle product that will give them ‘the glow,’ but according to celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau, improved circulation could be the answer to more youthful, glowier skin— and get this: it’s completely free!

Whether you’re a yoga buff or not, spending three minutes in downward dog or reading a book hanging off the edge of your bed could prove to be beneficial in the long run. Rouleau recommends hanging upside down for three minutes everyday to “increase circulation in the face.” Better circulation means all of the goodies locked away in your blood—like oxygen and nutrients—will be delivered to the cells in your skin, which ultimately leads to an inner glow.

If yoga isn’t your fancy (join the club), for women who are resistant to inverted stretches, then massaging your face for three minutes using upward strokes may be equally beneficial and it will help combat wrinkles. So before you make plans to spend your earnings in skincare this weekend, consider watching your morning news in downward dog or recruiting bae to (gently) massage your face for three minutes before you go to sleep. Tell him it’ll preserve your beauty (and your funds) in the long run!

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