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1 Product 3 Ways: Organic Pharmacy Beauty Drops

Give an instant energy boost for radiant and energized skin.

Even though we’ve maintain hydrated skin all winter long, spring and summer is the perfect time to reinforce this good habit and boost antioxidant protection of skin. Luckily, The Organic Pharmacy has created Beauty Drops to help you radiate inner and outer beauty at the same time, for any season.

Made of ginseng, gotu kola, and bilberry, these beauty drops (that taste almost like red wine) can be used by adding it into your favorite skincare formula, a drink or applied directly on your skin.

When Beauty Drops are added to any skincare product (serum, masks, creams) or directly on your skin they boost antioxidant protection for your skin cells and help fight free radicals and environmental damage more effectively. And, when added to water or juice, they help to improve the energy within your cells.

The cruelty free beauty is rather pricy, but when you think of the natural benefits, it’s reasonably priced.  So grab your beauty drops from The Organic Pharmacy for $99.