In April, CTZN Cosmetics, a company well-known for its broad selection of nude lipsticks, made the announcement that Sir John would join the company’s board of directors and take on the role of chief creative officer to help with brand expansion and future product launches.

CTZN Cosmetics co-founder and head of marketing Aleena Khan shared in a press release, “We are thrilled to welcome Sir John as CTZN Cosmetics’ new Chief Creative Officer. His talent and industry experience will be an invaluable asset to our company as we continue to grow and expand our brand globally.” 

The world-renowned makeup artist spoke with ESSENCE exclusively to share his plans to bring an extended range to the brand through his visionary leadership. 

“We want the beauty community to feel seen, heard, and felt as we innovate ways to get people ready and out the door quickly without sacrificing quality because sometimes we can’t see beauty, but we can feel it,” the makeup veteran explains. 

According to John, the collaboration was harmonious as he and the brand’s founders shared the same sentiments, which was to make inclusivity and diversity a priority. “Being a people person, I place a lot of value on the individuals that create a brand and who share similar beliefs. When our ideals coincided, I understood that this was a space where I could be creatively at ease.”

With more than twenty years of expertise, Sir John is a dynamic force in the beauty industry. His well-known looks, which have been donned by celebrities including Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and others, are distinguished by his use of color, brightness, and inclusiveness.

“I always wanted to look at beauty as a global community, not just a singular approach. I think that’s where we’re going in general,” John tells us. “Social media has become so democratized, the people really do have the power to either influence and inspire us or to hold us accountable, and that’s why I’m here.”

He also mentions that in his new position, he hopes to create another safe space to display diverse representation and for people to share their creativity and uniqueness comfortably. “I’m a huge advocate of representation, and not just visual representation in a campaign or an advertisement, but also behind the scenes in the C suites, the marketing firm, etc.” 

He continues, “I recently did a Masterclass, and one of the first questions I have, when I work with companies, is ‘how diverse will your set be?’ because I need a diverse set. That’s really key to me. Hopefully, that’s taken seriously in other places as well.”

We are eager to witness the greatness that Sir John’s equity position in CTZN Cosmetics Inc. will bring to the world of beauty. Shop the most recent collection: Code Red, which consists of six universally flattering red shades, at