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Shower Jellies Are Wobbling Their Way Into Internet Fame

This video about shower jellies is taking the internet by storm.
Shower Jellies Are Wobbling Their Way Into Internet Fame
Sam Edwards

We love videos as we are a visual world. We especially love ones that show amazingly weird or fun ways to go about our day. The newest installment of fun and weird would be the Lush Shower Jellies. This is not a new product, as they were released back in 2006 to celebrate the brand’s 10th year anniversary, but this video is bringing them to the forefront since it was posted on Facebook over the weekend.

With already over 100,000 views, the video showcases this wobbly mass of colorful jiggles that is for cleaning your body. It looks like Jell-O but it’s for showering and bathing and yes, people are intrigued. The Shower Jellies are made from softening seaweed gel as the base along with fruit extracts, essential oils, and juices. Not an ounce of gelatin and they can be cut up, used for bath or shower and are just fun to work with. 

The video shows how fun, colorful, wobbly, and useful these wacky soaps can be and while it may not be the ideal soap (it probably falls a million times in the shower) it most certainly is a fun way to bust some suds. I’m sure Lush will see a rise in sales and who doesn’t want to add some fun to their shower?

Are you ready to add some jelly to your shower?

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