Shonda Rhimes Teams Up With Dove To Launch A Production Company Aimed At Showcasing Our True Beauty
courtesy of DOVE

The beauty industry is finally starting to bring women of all colors and sizes into the conversation about beauty, but this concept isn’t exactly new for Dove.

In fact, this year marks 10 years of its “Real Beauty” campaign that aims to celebrate women of all shapes, sizes and races. To further change society’s narrow view of female beauty, (and obviously keep the conversation going because 10 years really isn’t enough) the beauty brand partnered with Shonda Rhimes to launch Real Beauty Productions, a collaborative digital studio that puts the power of storytelling directly into the hands of real women.

If you know anything about Rhimes — she’s the creator and producer of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy — then you know that she’s a beast with storytelling (the omg moments on TGIT are literally countless), so having her at the helm as creative director is beyond major.

“As a writer and storyteller, I really work hard to put women on the screens who are realistic,” Rhimes Told ESSENCE. “I’ve never been interested in telling stories where all the women thought the same way. And Dove has been doing the same thing in a lot of ways. They’re interested in not just showing women with different looks, but also letting them have a voice. To me, the idea of bringing women of all colors into the conversation about beauty is very important.”

Here’s how it works: Starting today (March 30), women are encouraged to visit and explain what shapes their idea of real beauty. The beauty brand will then select a few of those stories and bring them to life on film. With the help of Rhimes, each short film will feel personal and, best of all, completely unscripted. Just real women sharing ideas of beauty, in their own voice.

“I think real beauty happens when you are most yourself,” says Rhimes. “When you are yourself but on top of your game no matter what that is—mothering, working, or being creative—and you’re feeling your best. That’s real beauty.”

Yes, we couldn’t agree more.