8 Must-Have Shimmering Body Oils To Increase Your Glow-Up This Summer
Getty Images/Goodboy Picture Company

With summer in full effect, we all deserve a glow-up! After missing out on our summer plans last year, we refuse to skip steps in our beauty routines to ensure our skin shimmers and shines while enjoying our fun-filled vacation plans—even if it’s just a quick trip to the pool.  

With inclusivity also taking flight in the beauty industry, body shimmers that actually look good on our naturally melanated skin are easier to find than ever. With most shimmers made with the best ingredients that include pearlescent, argan oil, and almond oil, we can quickly attain a glow that is not only healthy for the skin, but also adds a little boost to our already poppin’ skin tone. 

So what do you need to obtain that sun-kissed skin that makes people turn their heads in admiration? Scroll on for the best summer + beach bag essentials that will make your brown skin shimmer! Who knows…your glow may just make the moon jealous!