Feel overwhelmed by trying to find the right foundation for your skin type and underwhelmed by the variety of hues? Will you even find anything in your shade range? Should you just forget all about it?

Don’t panic, we got this! The key to choosing the right hue for a beauty like you is getting professional help. So we sent six ESSENCE staffers to Sephora. They were pretty surprised by the huge range of shades and the individual attention (and awesome beauty advice) they received.

Here they show you just how easy it is to meet your new makeup match.

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Allyson Brown, Creative Director of Marketing

As a woman of color, Allyson has found it hard to find a foundation color that matches her skin-tone. “Most brands only supply a small swatch card to match your skin and I found that many shades would leave me with an ashy green tone,” she explains. But walking into Sephora she “felt like a kid in a candy store,” she says. “There is a plethora of brands and it was easy to test shades in my color range that brought out the best result for my skin.” She worked with a Sephora Beauty Advisor who gave her a totally personalized experience, “she selected brands that fit my need for full, all-day coverage. Then, with a complexion matching device, she found my shade for each brand and sampled a swatch of each onto my cheek to select the best match.” And Allyson gives a thumbs up to the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation—in medium 59 Neutral, if you please. “Creamy and pigmented, it evened out my complexion while warming up my undertone,” she says. “And it gave great, long-lasting, full coverage without feeling and looking heavy.”

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Tierra Taylor, Creative Assistant

Brands are just now expanding their shade ranges to cater to women of color, Tierra said, “we used to be clumped into 3-5 ranges (tan, medium, dark) and as a multi-racial woman, I found it difficult to match my undertone.” Foundations would make her look ghostly, too orange, or very pink, which is why she loves Sephora, “because you can test the products before you purchase them.” They also have Color IQ technology that helps you find the perfect match, “my amazing beauty expert took pictures of my skin in three different areas and put them into a system to help find the best foundations from all their brands,” she explains. And now she is loving the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. “The full coverage feels light, which is great because I like to look and feel as natural as possible,” Tierra says. “I was nervous about the stick applicator, but it helps the foundation to go on smoothly. I might consider switching to stick foundations from here on out!”

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Calune Eustache, Client Solutions Manager

With a belief that most beauty brands severely underestimate the number of African American women who are interested in a foundation, Calune says the challenge she has experienced is that stores rarely carry the shades she is looking for, so being in Sephora felt like a dream. “I was able to sample some of the most popular and fun makeup that I hear and read about all the time.” But the best part was working with a Sephora Beauty Advisor, “having someone walk me through the selection process was simply invaluable, she was able to identify my foundation color within seconds!” And not only that, her advisor shared some great tips for application and storing her new foundation, Lancôme Teint Ultra Long Wear Foundation “I love how extremely light the formula is,” says Calune. “It really feels like I’m wearing nearly nothing, yet the finish is still apparent and super polished.”

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Kiera Richardson, Integrated Marketing Assistant

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It has been a challenge for Michelle to find a foundation, nothing ever looked quite right. All that changed when she stepped into Sephora, “I was so excited by the possibility of walking away with new goodies,” she says. The only problem? She was in a hurry. But with quick, and professional service, a Sephora Beauty Advisor was able to find her the right foundation fast. “She said that it should melt right into my skin and when it did, she smiled and said it was perfect,” Michelle says. “It gave me the confidence to know that I would enjoy the product.” Having never owned a foundation before, Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation is the perfect fit for her. “I was curious about how it would work for me and I wanted a truer match to my skin tone,” she explains. “Many BB creams and tinted moisturizers only come in general shades like Deep, Medium Deep, which can be tricky. The last one I used wasn’t a good match. But now that I’ve tried this foundation I’m happy to find that it’s light and not heavy at all. It will be great for daily use and special occasions when I need something a little extra.”

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Danielle Brown, Director, Brand Sales

Always steering clear of foundation, Danielle had never tried it because she was afraid it would make her look “done up.” Natural beauty with a little polishing is her favorite go-to style and the Sephora Beauty Advisor totally got it. “She went above and beyond to help me,” says Danielle. “She was kind enough to open what she thought might have been the last foundation in the store and make it a sample (if need be) in order to help me find my color.” It was her attention to detail and knowledge that made Danielle comfortable with picking the right product, MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. And now that she’s tried it, she’s hooked. “Not only a good color match, it was also natural-looking. I didn’t look like I was going to a photo shoot or starring in a play,” she says. “I will definitely use this foundation. I received SO many compliments the day I tried it. People said my skin looked amazing!” OK, so you know it’s hard to find a foundation, but set your anxiety aside and head to your local Sephora to meet with a Beauty Advisor. They will help you find your new favorite foundation and get that flawless look you want—and who knows, you might even have a little fun along the way! Can’t wait? Shop now at Sephora.com!