4 Sea Salt Hacks For A Healthier Scalp
Marion C. HaBold

When it comes to hair health, the scalp is often an afterthought. Generally speaking, more emphasis is put onto the actual strands since that’s where you can actually see growth and volume. In reality, growth can’t happen if the scalp is in bad health so this is where the work should begin. 

As it turns out, the key to a healthy scalp is already in your kitchen. Our body and sea water contain similar nutrients, so naturally, sea salt is a quick and easy way to keep the body’s mineral count balanced. It’s specifically great for the scalp because it grips dandruff and has anti-fungal properties. 

Keep reading for four easy ways to use sea salt in your hair routine.

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1.    Use as a pre-wash scalp treatment: Once salt hits the scalp, it immediately goes to work. Beyond diminishing dandruff flakes, it will also promote circulation on your head and soak up excess moisture. Before your next shampoo and conditioning, create several parts on the hair and apply two teaspoons of sea salt directly to the scalp. Massage and let it sit for 10 minutes before shampooing.

2.    Combine with a hydrating oil for a homemade leave-in: Kill two birds with one stone by pairing sea salt with an oil that’ll also hydrate hair strands. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt with jojoba, olive or coconut oil and massage into your head. Give it 15 minutes to settle before rinsing.

3.    Take your beach waves beyond the sand with a three-step sea salt spray: If you don’t want to spend money on name brand products that utilize sea salt, make it yourself! John Masters’ easy recipe (courtesy of Curly Nikki) requires just one tablespoon of sea salt, a few drops of lavender oil and warm water.

4.    Skip the work and buy salt-infused products: To the contrary, if DIY beauty methods aren’t your cup of tea, there are countless products that list salt as an ingredient. Herbivore Botanicals’ Sea Salt Hair Mist is an all natural option that is suitable for all hair textures.