Halloween is quickly approaching, and we have no doubt that Saweetie has big plans to commemorate the occasion. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we decided to pick the rapper’s brain to see what might be in the cards for her. 

While many of us will be curling up on the sofa on the frightful night to indulge in our favorite horror movies, Saweetie admits that she doesn’t like scary flicks and she’d much rather watch a good thriller.

“I’m not really into scary movies, but Parasite is really good,” Saweetie shares with ESSENCE exclusively. “I have been watching Squid Games. That’s my show right now.” 

While on the topic of science fiction, we couldn’t resist asking the “My Type” rap star what she would do if she ever encountered aliens from another planet. “I would ask them to take me back to their planet,” she jokes. “I want to see how they get their nails done.”

She’s become quite popular for the intricate costumes she wears on the spine-chilling night (think: her epic Bootylicious recreation). However, despite our best efforts to get the 28-year-old to give us a preview about her ensemble this year, she remains tight-lipped. 

She did, however, offer us this: “I always have pretty extravagant costumes, and I usually lay low on the nails, but it is important that my nails complement my look,” she explains. “But I don’t know this year I might get dramatic. We’ll see.”

The Bay Area beauty—who is known for her glam-decorated nails—is showcasing her love for colorful claws in her latest collaboration with SinfulColors. The Made on Mars Collection is a sci-fi–inspired range of textured polishes and holographic stickers, created with Saweetie, to help us get in tune with our out-of-this-world personality just in time for Halloween.

The collection is all about galactic glam with four polishes suggestive of the rocky terrain of the solar system. BAELIEN is a Mars-inspired dusty orange; BIG MAMAZ SHIP is a cosmic-blazing magenta; ICY monSTAR is an inky, deep-space blue and LIL BEAST is alien lime green. On top of the colors, there are holographic nail art stickers to really launch your tips to another sphere. 

According to Saweetie, she was very involved in the creative and collaborative process. “They gave me a palette to select from and I think that we did a really good job as far as creating the aesthetics and, of course, the nail polishes,” says the rapper who also reveals that her favorite colors from the collection are Big Mamaz Ship and Icy monStar. 

For those interested in how to wear the textured alien polish, Saweetie states that she and her nail tech, Temeka Jackson, worked together to present a few ideas for the polish and stickers. “She did a really good job with just coming up with cool, inexpensive ways to decorate your nails,” Saweetie says.   

All polishes are vegan and cruelty-free and formulated without toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. 

The Made On Mars collection is available now at walmart.com starting at $2.


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