Saweetie Releases New Makeup Collection And It’s What ‘Icy Girl’ Dreams Are Made Of
Photo: Courtesy of Morphe

When Saweetie spit the lyrics “can’t stop won’t stop get guap” on her debut single, “Icy Girl,” we knew then that the Bay Area rapper was on a mission to secure the proverbial bag. And now the Warner Records artist has a new partnership that lends itself to the cause. 

The 26-year-old has teamed up with Morphe to launch her first makeup collection, Backstage with Saweetie, which includes lip glosses like Money Mami and Bo$$ Tycoon and more products for bringing out your inner hustler and creating fun and festive makeup looks this spring.

The collaboration is Morphe’s first collection with a music artist, and Saweetie says it’s been a pleasure working with the powerhouse cosmetics brand.  

“It was a joy partnering with Morphe,” Saweetie tells ESSENCE. “I love that they have a lot of integrity, and [that] they are affordable for the day-to-day girl,” who Saweetie says is someone who just wants to get out there and have fun. 

When they rock the collection—which features a 24-pan eye shadow palette, three lip glosses, a mini-setting spray and sparkly face tools—Saweetie says she wants fans to feel flawless. 

“I got a neutral palette for my girls who just need that simple day-to-day look with the neutral tones, but for when the girls are ready to go out, I have vibrant glittery colors,” says Saweetie.

I want women to feel icy. I want them to feel bomb. I want them to feel flawless. I want them to be able to look at a color and say okay, this is the color that I can see on my eyes, and when they swatch or put it on themselves it’s exactly what they get.”

Saweetie says that she’s excited about the new collection, which drops today, and that she knows fans are going to love it. 

The collection ranges from $10 to $29, and it can be purchased online now at and in Morphe stores starting March 30.

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