Sanaa Lathan And Her Mom Look Exactly Alike In Recent Photo
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Over the weekend, Sanaa Lathan (50) shared heartwarming Instagram photos bonding with her parents, siblings, and bonus mom. While most were in awe of how youthful the actress looked beside her family, it was an image of the Love & Basketball actress with her mom that left us jaw-dropped and convinced that good genes run in the family. 

In the photo posted on social media, the Hit & Run actress and her mother, Eleanor McCoy (73) looked almost identical. Besides McCoy’s long silver hair, it was almost difficult to tell who was who.

Twitter followers also noticed the resemblance and their responses were spot on. 

“So you really did get it from your mama,” one follower said about Sanaa and her mother’s picture. 

“You just straight up stole her whole face,” another follower said. 

Read a few more funny responses below. 

We have to agree, this mother and daughter team single-handedly proves that Black don’t crack! Both of these ladies have remarkable, glowing skin that they need to share with the rest of the world. Tell us your secret ladies!

Keeping this same energy, we decided to create a roundup of mothers that gave birth to their exact copy. Check out some of the other mother-daughter duos that have us doing a double-take. 

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