RuPaul’s Drag Race is, arguably, one of the best reality shows on TV. Drama? Check. Fierce sashays down the catwalk? Double Check. Snatched makeup, hair and fashion? Triple check.

The best drag queens in the business step up to turn it out each week, serving major face and body goals while leaving their fans gagging after each episode. Though the looks you’re likely to see on the show are a bit more exaggerated than the hair and makeup most of us would normally wear, there are a few beauty tips from the queens that you can incorporate in your everyday routine.

The best part is that you can master these tricks without having to lip-sync for your life. If you’re ready to step outside of your beauty comfort zone, here are five Ru-tastic hacks that definitely earn a Shantay, you stay in our book.

1. Bake or Cook Your Face

The terms baking or cooking simply means to let powder or liquid-based products sit or heat up on your face before blending. Season 8 alum Kim Chi swears by the method and believes that baking is the secret to a successful application.

2. Use Egg Whites On Wrinkles

Season 1 star Tammie Brown is an avid user of egg whites to prevent wrinkles and olive oil to remove makeup. A beauty trick Brown swears by is to dab egg whites over your wrinkles. Once dry, cover them with foundation to help ease their appearance. Make sure to watch out for salmonella and remove makeup at the end of the day with all-natural olive oil. 

3. Invest In A Good Highlighter

The best highlighters should pull double duty— enhancing your face shape and leaving you with radiant, dewy skin. Serena ChaCha of Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is known for her effortless contouring skills and carving out her cheekbones. As you can see in the video below, ChaCha uses a flawless highlighting technique to add more dimension to her face when the light hits it.

4. Try Dawn Dish Soap As A Makeup Remover

Plus-size queen Latrice Royale cut through the nonsense during her appearance on Season 4. But she also cuts through the grease (or makeup residue) with Dawn liquid soap. If you’re looking for something cheap to cleanse and purify your skin after wearing makeup all day, look no further than the kitchen sink. Though, we’d suggest steering clear of your eyes and of the delicate skin area surrounding them.

5. Match Your Foundation To Your Chest or Shoulders

Season 7 contestant Miss Fame is a beauty guru in her own right, having assisted the likes of Pat McGrath. Instead of blending the face down to the neck, Miss Fame advocated for matching foundation to your chest and shoulders since they’re typically lighter than the rest of your body. 





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