As homecoming continues around the country at the various Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the spirit of the festivities is quickly spreading, and it feels good. For the ladies (and gents) who attended an HBCU, and who also love to get creative with their nails, decked out nail art with your school colors is a great way to show your school pride.

Whether you want to adorn your nails with gold embellishments and just a touch of blue, or use bling as a replacement for white, there’s no limit to what you can do if your nail tech has the skills. With so many schools and so many colors, it’s an opportunity for nail artists to really show off their creative chops.

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And whether you’re attending homecoming or cheering from afar, these 15 unique nail designs can translate to any school with any colors. They’re part of the large roster of HBCUs, and a great way to rep these alma maters.