Remember That Age-Old Mayonnaise Hair DIY? It Inspired An Actual Beauty Product

You’ve probably come across a DIY hair conditioner that uses mayonnaise as the star ingredient. I’m not here to diss the oil and egg-based product, which probably does make for shiny hair, but smelling like you rolled around in condiments at a BBQ isn’t exactly chic. 

Still, I was intrigued by Tony Moly’s Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack ($19; Beauteque), which could easily be confused for an actual bottle of mayonnaise.

Though the texture and color is strikingly similar to the real deal, Haeyo Mayo smells nothing like mayonnaise. Instead, it smells like creamy, velvety vanilla and macadamia nut. Also, because it’s formulated with shea butter and egg yolk extract, two ingredients that are highly moisturizing, it makes hair super soft and shiny.

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I put the product to the test by deep conditioning with it twice a week for two weeks in a row. Every time I use it, I can see a visible reduction in frizz, my hair feels and look sleek and smooth, and it feels softer to the touch.

So while my roommate may be judging me for having what looks like a bottle of mayonnaise in the shower, I’ll proudly keep it in there as long as my hair looks this good. And I’ll save the actual mayo for my burger, tyvm.

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