Cynthia Erivo Is A Beauty Powerhouse To Watch
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Cynthia Erivo is not shy about changing up her look. It’s one of the reasons why we highly anticipate her beauty on the red carpet. No matter the occasion, she owns her look, always making it feel fresh. She might go from curly purple strands with nude lips, to green hair and dramatic eyes, or a hairdo embellished with spikes. Erivo can also move between sweet romantic looks with pink hair and eyeshadow to match, and edgy avant garde vamp beauty with a platinum blowout.

With the debut of Harriet in theaters this past weekend, audiences got to see Erivo stripped down. It was just more of a reminder that she’s a beauty, whether she’s glammed up for the carpet, or pared down for a role. She plays with color well, and it makes her fun to watch for events.

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Check out some of our favorite red carpet beauty moments from the A-lister this year. They’ll make you excited to see what’s to come for the rest of 2019, and what we’ll see from Erivo in 2020.