When we first met Rachel Lindsay back in 2017 as the first-ever Black lead of ABC’s The Bachelorette, we were rooting for her—in life and in love. Fortunately, they’ve both been moving favorably for her ever since. The 34-year-old Dallas native found a partner in Bryan Abasolo and will become his wife at a destination wedding later this month.

And if there’s one thing we’re excited about in all this wedding fervor, it’s the big day beauty. The photos are forever, so your beat has to be, too. At The Knot Registry House in Southampton, New York, where she recently showcased her incredible registry selections, Lindsay spilled the tea on her must-have beauty essentials to ESSENCE.

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“I never really took care of my skin until I was on TV and doing The Bachelor. But you’re in a house full of women who are giving you makeup tips. It’s such a sorority,” she says.

“Lately, my skin has really been doing well. One, I live in Miami. So the humidity, the sun—it’s great for my skin.”

Noted. And for the rest of us who can’t take in that much-needed vitamin D year-round, she has hero products that give her the moisture and hydration that keep her skin feeling as dewy and soft as it looks.

“I’ve been using this organic line called Eminence. I love it. I had it in a facial one time,” she says. “It’s [a splurge] but if you ration it out, you can use it for months. I’ve been using mine, the same ones I’ve had, for three months.”

And for beauty on a tight budget, she loves the same tried-and-true drugstore goodie we all do.

“I live by and have lived by Vaseline for years. I use the lotion and I use just the petroleum jelly on my lips. I sweat a lot, so I get very dry. I’ll use it on my hands, I’ll use it on the bottom of my feet, I’ll put it on dry spots on my skin,” she says. “You’ve got to have those old-school ‘I can buy at the corner store’ products.”

She even playfully recalled how Whitley Gilbert, Jasmine Guy’s character from A Different World, would put Vaseline on her teeth to help her have a beautiful smile.

We wonder if she’ll use that hack on the big day. Either way, we know she’ll look beautiful—skin, teeth and everything else.


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