How The Pyer Moss Fall 2021 Showcase Redefined What ‘Couture Hair’ Is — EXCLUSIVE
(Photo by Cindy Ord/WireImage )

Couture runway hair is notoriously marked by monotony. To be frank, it usually only consists of two styles: low ponytails, and low buns. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, however. When these masterful garments must be the center of attention, the last thing you want to do is detract from their glory. However, at Pyer Moss’s Fall Couture showcase, couture hair got what we’re calling a Black-ass revamp — proving that couture hair, for us at least, has countless possibilities.

“Behind these looks we went back into the nineties,” Jawara, key hairstylist and Dyson Hair ambassador tells ESSENCE exclusively. “You know when girls would go to the block party in the summertime? Or when your older sister used to do her hair in the mirror and she would style her baby hair and do her braids. We felt like it would be an amazing statement to show that this is couture.” Jawara did that by creating understated looks of all protective styles. “When you think about traditional couture hair it’s usually minimal,” he says. “And I feel like this is our way of showing minimal protective styles here. That in itself is a statement which I’m really excited about making.”

Accompanying Kerby Jean-Raymonds raved-about fashions were an array of looks that turned heads without distracting from the rest. “We did about five different styles,” Jawara shares. “Some of the women have their head completely covered in couture pieces so they got straight-backs, some other girls got two knots with braids going down the back, some are getting like these intricate swirl braids.”

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But to create 26 protective looks in just a matter of hours, the appropriate tools are a must. Of course, Jawara relied on Dyson to get the job done — particularly the brand’s newest wide-tooth comb attachment, perfect for textured hair. “It’s really changed the way I view hairstyling products today,” Jawara says. “You’re able to stretch your curl all the way from the root to the end without snagging and without heat damage on the hair. You know how you use those picks used to make our scalp really, really hot? This doesn’t have that.” But when it came to setting the styles in place in a timely matter, Jawara took a more unconventional route. “I used the diffuser attachment to kind of dry the hair, which is not the norm — usually we let it air dry. But it’s good to know that if someone wants to achieve this look, they can use a nozzle to dry it faster just in case you’re rushing out.”

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