Not only does Lizzo inspire self-love and body positivity, but the artist also influences beauty trends. If you have the sudden urge step outside of your comfort zone and dye your hair purple or wear the bold color on your lips or lids, then you have the boisterous bop star to thank.

Lately, the singer has been incorporating the regal color into her beauty looks, leaving fans (like us) in awe. We never knew the color could look so good on your face or growing out of your scalp.

The fierce flute player proved just how magical the hue could be when she stepped on the stage Sunday at the Austin City Limits Festival, rocking purple waist-length beach waves and an enchanting violet makeup look. Fast forward to now, and her glorious guise still has us in a trance.

The color purple may not possess superpowers’ perse, but it can transform any beauty look à la Lizzo. That’s why we’ve rounded up eight new purple beauty products for upgrading your FOTD in the gallery ahead.