5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Nails After Removing Your Acrylics
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From coffin, stiletto and almond shapes there are hundreds of ways your nails can give you life. But what they giveth they can also taketh away. The materials used in acrylic application accompanied by tips can run down your nails and leave them weak and more susceptible to breakage. Celebrity nail technician Sunshine gives us the run down on how to rejuvenate your real nails when the fake ones come off. 

1. Cut Them Off 
After you remove your tips your nails have most likely grown out with them. Sunshine says if the nail is weak then that part of your nail is already dead and will break off anyway.  You should cut your nails down and start fresh to build them back up.

2. Use a Nail Hardener
Sunshine recommends Rejuvacote from Duri. She says to apply it every day for two weeks. You can use polish over it and continue to use it as a topcoat. You can reduce application to once a week for a couple of months, and you will start to see your nails come back to life.

3. Keep Their Natural Shape
Everyone likes their nails to be shaped in a creative, usually unnatural, way. Sunshine says shaping your nails in the way they grow naturally will help them grow more quickly without cracks or breakage.

4. Beware of the Hyponychium 
The hyponychium is the skin underneath the nail bed that attaches the nail bed to the nail. The shape of your fake nails will affect the way this skin grows, and leave you with overgrown hyponychium once you cut your nails down. This should not be removed. If you dig under your nails, Sunshine says this loosens your hyponychium from your nail plate, which can lead to infection.

Since the skin will adhere to what ever shape the nail is, she recommends shaping your real nail differently from your fake one in order to groom the skin to grow to fit your natural nail. You can treat this area with cuticle oil, Vitamin E or aloe vera.

5. Keep Them Hydrated 
Keeping your hands and nails hydrated is that much more important when your nails are in a weak state. Sunshine says to keep your cuticles moistened, hydrate your hands with lotion and drink lots of water.

6. Zoya Naked Manicure 
Sunshine says this four-step manicure will get your nails back in order. The Women’s Starter Kit comes with a Naked Base, Pink Perfector, White Tip Perfector and Satin Seal Topcoat. It’s perfect for someone who wants their nails to appear color free. In shades like nude, buff and mauve, the colors compliment your nail bed and hide damage while repairing your nails.


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