Last year, actress and entrepreneur Tracee Ellis Ross launched PATTERN Beauty, a conglomerate specializing in products for natural hair. Known for her very own queen-like fro, Ross made it accessible to achieve the same look with a selection of goods. “One of the basic tenants of Pattern is that I believe everyone should have access to their most beautiful and most healthy hair,” Ross tells ESSENCE. “And offering people the tools to do that,” she included.

Today, the brand has expanded its line by adding two new products. Connecting the past with the present, PATTERN Beauty’s new products are designed to treat both the hair and the scalp, which can arguably be the most challenging part to manage when having thicker hair. “You think of all of these different parts of our legacy and our history that have brought us to this moment and the pride that we carry in our hair,” exclaimed Ross.

For this emerging launch, the beauty brand introduces The PATTERN scalp serum. This product was mocked up to cool and soothe using activating products like peppermint, rosemary and lavender oils. To coincide with the scalp serum the brand also launched its Treatment Mask. Designed for when your hair needs a spa day, but the spa is in fact your bathroom. This DIY inspired mask is intended to deliver clip, curl elongation and definition to coils. Both priced at $25, PATTERN Beauty continues it’s mission to provide red-carpet worthy curls at the tip of your fingers.

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“Haircare is self-care, and that honoring oneself is one of the ways that we can be in resistance and is a part of the revolution in how we love and celebrate our roots,” Ross concluded. The PATTERN Scalp Serum and Treatment Mask are currently available on