There are two things that you can always count on skincare brand OSEA for: natural ingredients and glowing skin. That’s particularly true with its most recent launch, the Seaglow Overnight Serum AHA Treatment, which is crafted with a powerful blend of AHAs, phytic acid, tropical fruit extracts, fermented Shiunko Oil, Spirulina and Kappaphycus Alvarezii seaweed.

“My first tagline for OSEA was ‘pure, immediate, simple,’ Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA, tells ESSENCE during a magical press trip to The Rosewood Miramar Beach. “Our goal has always been to promote healthy glowing skin with the best possible ingredients. I loved the idea of transforming your skin after just one night’s sleep, it seemed so effortless.” 

Wondering what this brilliant marriage of ingredients does? Aside from improving texture and tone, the good-for-the-skin ingredients also hydrate and moisturize — resulting in a lit-from-within glow. Even better, it does it all while you sleep. “Seaglow Overnight Serum is a highly effective AHA treatment that exfoliates to promote cell renewal while simultaneously reinforcing your skin’s moisture barrier when you sleep,” Palmer says. “It even minimizes the appearance of pores.”

The formula wasn’t made, overnight, however. Palmer reveals that formulation took about a year and a half to complete, and went through six rounds of testing. “In the product development stage, we tested this on a larger group of people with different skin types so it took longer to evaluate all the results,” she shares.

And in even better news, it’s suited for all skin types ranging from super oily to exceptionally dry — so there’s no reason to not add this holy grail to your nighttime routines. “It was formulated to be used a couple times a week,” Palmer explains about the way to achieve its full effects.

Personally, I’ve began incorporating it three times weekly, pressing into the skin until fully absorbed. There’s no denying how radiant my skin looks when I wake, and my usually heavily-pored skin truly resembles silk.

So does this mean that more overnight products are on the way? “We’ll see… the response has been incredible so far,” Palmer says.