Olay’s Cyber Monday Deal Comes With An Entirely Free Winter Coat

Usually when we think of free gifts with a purchase it’s small samples, if we get lucky, the occasional full-sized, but overall, it’s usually nothing too awe-inspiring. But this Cyber Monday, Olay is shaking things up with an offer you won’t be able to resist. Basically, when you make a purchase of $150, you’ll get an entire winter coat in return.  

Yep, you read that right. Starting on November 30, a limited-edition Olay x Orolay coat, inspired by the brand’s famous Red Jar, will be available exclusively on Olay.com as a free gift with any $150 purchase. This down jacket, with a 12,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars on Amazon alone, is worth $150 to $200 when purchased separately, so this deal is huge. In addition, this is the first-ever partnership for the coat company. 

Wondering what a skincare company and coat company have to do with each other? Let’s give some context. According to the brand, “Olay recently conducted a year-long study and discovered that fine lines and wrinkles are actually more noticeable in the dry winter months, when skin is more likely to be dehydrated,” they say. “This is precisely why Olay and Orolay partnered to provide the ultimate warmth and hydration needed to keep skin protected this winter.”

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However, it’s also their comparable price points in their respective markets. “Both Olay and Orolay represent attainable luxury — never sacrificing quality while consistently maintaining their value-based pricing,” they continue. “The Olay x Orolay limited-edition winter coat offers the same quality of weather protection as the $995 pricier competitor. Similarly, clinical studies prove that Olay’s Ultra Rich moisturizer hydrates skin better than the $400 competitor.” 

There’s nothing better than great skin and a great, quality jacket to get you through the winter. Why not treat yourself too both?


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