Every so often a beauty brand comes along that completely changes the way you think about skin care —which is no easy feat considering the slew of products that come across a beauty editor’s desk. When we first discovered NUORI, a Scandinavian-based brand founded by Jasmi Bonnén, the minimalistic and sleek packaging immediately grabbed our attention — Japanese cool meets Danish sensibility.

But upon closer inspection, and a chance meeting with the founder, it became clear that the brand is far more than just pretty packaging; it’s on a mission to truly change the way consumers think and buy beauty products. So when the ultimate cool girl singer/songwriter Kelela, confided that she too was a NUORI fan, we figured it was time we (finally) break the silence. 

“I started NUORI because there were no fresh skincare options on the market, and the industry standard of a two and half year shelf life seemed outrageous to me,” says brand founder Jasmi. “I believe that fresh skin care makes sense the same way fresh food does — it’s more nourishing and has less additives.”

While we all may be guilty of holding on to our favorite serums and moisturizers a little longer than we should, this brand makes it super easy not to forget. Each product comes stamped with a start using by and expiration date to help ensure freshness, which is important to ensure safety and efficacy. 

“Once a cosmetic product has passed its best before date (or has been open for too long), the risk of microbe growth increases, and the effectiveness of many active ingredients, such as vitamins and amino acids, deteriorates within weeks, or months, after they have been blended into a product,” she says. So the fact that these products come stamped with the dates as reminders, both on the outer packaging and the bottom of the bottles, is great.

And while we’ve been fans of NUORI for the past year (the brand just celebrated it’s two year anniversary) — the Perfecting Facial Oil is standout — we almost lost it when singer Kelela revealed that she too was completely obsessed.

“I recently discovered this brand from Copenhagen and their cleanser has completely changed my skin,” she shared. “They have a fruit enzyme cleanser that is really gentle, it foams, yet super effective.”

The cleanser in question?

The Vital Foaming Cleanser. Made with pomegranate enzymes and radish root extract, this one sloughs away dead skin cells while maintaining skin’s moisture balance. Most foam cleansers can make the skin feel tight and dry, but this one is more creamy so it leaves skin super soft and refreshed.

As one would expect, NOURI only introduces a new product when they feel it absolutely necessary. Trend chasing just doesn’t align with the brand’s ethos. So we’ll be waiting with baited breathe to see what they cook up next.

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