Nicole Murphy Says This Skin Care Product Is Helping Her Age Backwards
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

There are some individuals whose skin care advice you take extremely seriously; think Pharrell, Angela Bassett, Kelly Rowland. Included in that list is Nicole Murphy. The mom of five is absolutely stunning, and could easily pass for her daughters’ friend. 

When she told ESSENCE she’s turning 50 on her birthday in a few weeks, we could barley believe it. Not only does her skin glow but there isn’t a single wrinkle or blemish insight. When asked what she does to maintain her picture perfect skin, the serial entrepreneur confessed that her favorite skin care product is a hyaluronic acid serum by SkinCeuticals

While it sounds scary, the brand’s Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier is a super powerful serum that helps to deliver long lasting hydration and visibly improve the skin’s texture. “It’s really good,” she gushed. “I went to this facialist, and I have somewhat dry and somewhat normal skin and she told me about this stuff, and I love it. Now I’m like oh my God, I need to make this!”

Buyer be warned however, because this magical potion is not cheap —  a 1oz bottle rings in at $98. But if you consider that it may help you become a real life Benjamin Button, it’s a justifiable investment. 

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