This Beauty Tool Promises Sculpted Cheeks and Firmer Skin in Minutes!

Forget contour powder, this tool is all you need!

Virginia Lowman May, 25, 2016

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Contour Queen, Kim Kardashian says contouring is out, and we couldn't be happier, but does that mean we'll be forgoing contoured cheeks in favor of glowing skin? Not hardly– the new wave of contouring actually doesn't involve contour blush at all. Enter Dr. Jart Liftra 3-Step Contour Set, an entire system dedicated to sculpting, firming and toning your skin so you can make shadowing the hollows of your cheeks a thing of the past. Just a few minutes a day of rolling this contour shaper (yes, the bulbous tool I'm twirling in my hand) along your cheek and jawbone can transform your full face in minutes.

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Start by applying Dr. Jart Liftra Contour Cream to freshly washed skin. Massage in upward circles into cheeks, jaw and forehead. It will feel a little sticky at first, but it quickly transitions into silky application that packs your skin with hydrating ingredients like bio-water and peptides that yield firmer, stronger skin over time. 

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Hold the contour shaper up to your cheekbones, holding the handle parallel to your jawbone. Roll the shaper along your cheekbones in slow strokes. You'll feel a bit of suction—that means it's working, sculpting your cheeks into model perfection. Repeat along your jaw line.

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Once you finish sculpting, set your skin with the Liftra Contour Fixer to refresh and tighten skin, and give it a final boost of hydration before you go about your day. If you haven't applied your makeup yet, hold off, and set your makeup with this spray to maintain the look and feel of tighter, lifted skin.


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