The best part about make up comes in the opportunity to play around with a range of products, and use your imagination to create a look unique to you, but there are just some products that somehow find its way onto everyone’s radar. Enter: The Beautyblender. I’ll admit, I was hesitant to hop aboard the bandwagon in its early days, but it’s nearly impossible to finally try out the product and not fully convert.

While, when the brand first exploded after its 2007 launch, it soon after was the small, bright pink utensil spotted in every YouTube beauty guru’s tutorials in the 2010s, the classic tool got an even more colorful makeover when Beautyblender launched its Shapeshifter collection in 2020, introducing its first color-changing sponge. Not only do the bright colorways (“Wave,” and the newest introduction “Beam”) infuse your beauty routine with a splash of serotonin, but they offer a subtle reminder to wet your sponge for the best results as well, changing colors when wet. You’d be hard pressed to find a makeup lover who doesn’t love the sight of a fresh beauty blender, and the brand is famously know to sell 17 of the highly coveted product every minute. That said, you’ll want to be one of the first to grab its newest color-changing design ahead.