15 Books That Stop 'Good Hair' Vs. 'Bad Hair' Debate Dead In Its Tracks

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These are the illustrated reads every little girl with natural hair needs in her library. 

Bukky Ojeifo May, 02, 2017

There’s no denying the increased social media influence on young minds and the propensity for girls to compare themselves to others. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we equip our younger generation with an arsenal of tools to keep them confident and unapologetic in who they are. This includes a healthy relationship to their hair. 

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Whether you’re a mom, big sister or mentor, any of these 15 books will help the girl in your life to embrace her natural tresses and one-of-a-kind personality. 

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On a journey to self-love, this book explores the bright and vivid imagination of Maggie! Maggie is a young girl who finds clever solutions to celebrating and “ fixing” her hair!

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On a mission to find all things beautiful in her tough neighborhood, a young girl learns the true meaning of friendships and the power of hope and happiness! 

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Full of heart-warming messages around love and independence, this book will affirm your young girl’s small quest for independence and leave her believing that she can do it all!

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Told in the African-American “Call and Response” tradition, this story of a young girl’s “ nappy” hair leaps off the page, empowering girls and their "naps."

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Full of imagination, positive messages and fun, this book follows a 7-year old who shares what she loves about her hair! As an added bonus, the pages are also filled with basic tips and tricks for those with textured hair! 

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This book’s clever writing style shares the story of a young girl who already recognizes that happiness isn’t based on fitting into the box of what others want her to be. Great for the young girl who may be struggling with trying to fit in!

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By exploring what it is to be of mixed ancenstry, this book's positive messaging empowers mixed kids to embrace their multiple heritages!

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Looking for your young beauty to understand that her hair is not only special, but apart of her heritage and should be fully embraced? Then this whimsical story of a young girl will encourage your girl to shout boldly that she LOVES her hair!

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Sometimes, the “good hair” vs “bad hair” debate will leave young girls feeling as though their hair doesn’t meet the standards created by societal pressure. This book brings that debate to a screeching halt by empowering young girls to understand that bad hair simply doesn't exist!

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Have a fun and fashionable little diva on your hands? This fun book promotes self- esteem and hair love for every texture and curl pattern!

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This book is for dads eager to support their little girl in their hair journey. Follow along with this book to learn how do basic twists on your favorite girl's hair!

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This is an amazing illustrated book about a young girl who tries to change her hair after being bullied because of its texture. It will take your favorite girl on a journey of self-love so that she understands the beauty and power of differences.

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Know a young girl that may be self-conscious about her big and luscious natural hair? Remind her that there's nothing to be ashamed of with this book!

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Through a series of fun adventures, Penny learns the magic of her puffballs and the importance of embracing her hair and not comparing herself to others!

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Created to establish and sustain a strong inner voice for the youth, this book hits the nail on the head for inspiring young kids who may need a gentle reminder of the greatness that lies within them!

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