These 7 Natural Deodorants Are A Must-Try

Samantha Callender Mar, 07, 2018

In the age of holistic living, many are seeking more natural ways to prep and pamper the skin. When most people reach for deodorant, they opt for an antiperspirant. Commercial deodorants are chalked full of chemicals that are believed to be linked to certain types of cancers and made from materials that clog underarm pores.

Here are a few alternatives to your usual deodorant stick that are full of natural ingredients that still help your underarms stay fresh and moisturized.

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Use this organic and aluminum-free bar to stay fresh all day.

available at Vapour Beauty $24 Buy

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This bar changes the solid deodorant game with its easy to use form and fragrant oils.

available at Ethique Beauty $17.33 Buy

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This deodorant absorbs into the skin to keep underarms fresh and moisturized.

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The activated charcoal in this deodorant helps to detox the underarms and keep them fresh.

available at Piperwai $11.99 Buy

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Baking soda-free, this deodorant is fragrant and full of natural ingredients.

available at Mabrook And Co $12.40 Buy

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Use this vegan cream to help balance the pH of underarms and to moisturize.

available at Bubble And Bee $9.86 Buy

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This handcrafted paste neutralizes body odors without aluminum.

available at Primal Pit Paste $8.95 Buy


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