I can’t lie: nail art is my least favorite aspect of beauty. When it works, it’s great, but when it doesn’t, it’s a commitment. You know the feeling–you’re at a nail salon and you select a pretty iridescent polish only to discover it doesn’t exactly look like the color in the bottle. At this point she’s finished painting all 10 nails and you’re basically stuck with it for the next week and a half. Argh!

Imagine my delight when I discovered Beyoncé partnered with Los Angeles based nail company, NCLA to launch a four-piece collection of nail wraps inspired by her self-titled album, videos and outfits.

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My initial thoughts: It’s Beyoncé, so it must be laced with all types of amazing-ness (remember those killer nails she wore to President Obamas 2013 inauguration?) and they’re practically stickers, which means I’ll have professional looking nails exactly they way I want. Every. Time. Right?

Yup, I nailed it. As soon as I applied “No Rest in the Kingdom,” the jewel-toned pattern that’s a nod to her Tom Ford VMA performance, I fell in love. There was an assortment of sizes, so finding a shape for my rather tiny nails was a breeze. And when I trimmed them down with the very appropriate Beyoncé nail filer, I didn’t get the toxic smell I usually discover with other brands.

All in all it was a total win. And at $18 a set, would you expect it to be anything less than, ahem, flawless?

Have you tried the collection? What do you think?