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Our Inner Child Is Losing It Over These Crayola Nail Polishes

It's been a hot minute since we've gotten excited over polishes like these.
Our Inner Child Is Losing It Over These Crayola Nail Polishes
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This article originally appeared on InStyle.

Fact: back-to-school shopping was the best. The whole idea of going back to school usually proved to be more thrilling than that actual first day of school, considering the frenzy we’d go into upon diving into the Lisa Frank folders. Even the act of choosing your pencils was an entire deal, and that complete crayon set with the built-in sharpener never failed to make you feel like the coolest kid in school when you rolled into class on day one.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten excited over school supplies, especially since we haven’t shopped for them in a while, but when news of Sally Hansen’s Crayola lacquers landed in our inboxes today, that back-to-school feeling was triggered all over again. The beauty brand has partnered with Crayola on the most glorious nail polishes of all time, inspired by the crayons that got the most use out of your set.

The collection includes 12 of the most memorable colors (shoutout to Cerulean and Carnation Pink), and we certainly respect the attention to detail paid to each of the bottles, right down to the trademark squiggle border. Better yet, the lacquers are of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri family, which, if you aren’t familiar with the range, promise a 60-second dry time. The bottles are priced at $5 a pop—so you know, within that Scholastic Book Fair budget—and will land at drugstores on July 1. Between this lineup and China Glaze’s My Little Pony range, your summer manicure is about to get a lot more fun.