Press-On Nails Are Cool Again At NYFW Spring ’15
Rocky Luten

Press-on nails aren’t the first thing that come to mind when we think of New York Fashion week, but for Kaelen’s Spring 2015 collection, designer Kaelen was inspired to bring the 70’s era to the modern day—complete with plastic nail tips.

Lead manicurist Gina Edwards for KISS Products, Inc. created a glam yet toned down nail with a custom blend opaque nude polish that was painted over imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails. “I filed the nails into a pointed almond shape,” she says. “This shape bridges the gap between classic and modern without being overly feminine.” Her biggest tip: “Make sure you remove all oils and dirt from your hands before applying the press-on.”

Get The Look:

1. Select the correct size press-on to fit your nails. Set aside.

2. Prep nails with the prep pad to remove all oils and lightly buff around the cuticles.

3. Peel off and press on imPRESS.

4. File nails, tapering to a point at the tip to create the desired pointed almond shape.

5. Paint two coats of the custom blend Broadway Nails polish onto each nail.

6. Apply KISS quick dry top coat and allow to dry.