10 Olympian Manicures Worthy Of A Gold Medal

These beautiful brown athletes let their nails do the talking during the Rio Olympics. See which ones are worthy of a gold medal and your obsession. 

Nikki Brown Aug, 22, 2016

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American track and field star Kristi Castlin wore sparkly stiletto nails to all of her Rio matches. 

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Simone Biles opted for clear polish and a glittery flag design for her Olympic manicure. 

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Tennis icon Serena Williams made America proud with her patriotic mani on and off the court.

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American swimmer Simone Manuel collected her gold medals with a sparkly red manicure. 

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American shotputter and makeup artist Michelle Carter’s red and blue manicure included a yellow accent on each hand.

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Jamaican runner Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce’s manicure was a rainbow of green, gold and black.

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Jamaican track and field runner Elaine Thompson made sure her yellow nails matched the team uniform.

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American long jump competitor Tori Bowie wore a metallic blue mani on the Olympic field. 

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Egyptian beach volleyball player Doaa Elghoboshy painted her nails a vibrant red before the big match.

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Track and field runner Maria Benedicta Chigbolu sported the Italian flag colors and Olympic rings on her competition mani. 


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